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                Name: sir yi
                Tel: 0755-2916-6584
                Fax: 0755-29110369
                Mobile: 13823320786
                Add: Gushu, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Nanchang village sand the edge of a new industrial zone
                Skype: szxtk2000
                QQ: 277792248
                MSN: SKYPE: szxtk2000 QQ: 277792248

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                Shenzhen Xingtaikang Technology Co.Ltd is dedicated in production and sales on AB thin belt, blood pressure lowering monitors,infrared thermal digital therapy instrument, eye guardians, learning machine for gifts, healthcare product, massage machine, digital therapy instrument, meridians therapy instrument, Electronic pulse therapy, therapy slippers , blood circulation machine, cervical spine therapy machine, digital blood pressure monitors on arm, infrared massage stick,we also provide OEM production.

                Since foundation, our company is constantly updating equipment, improving manufacture process, and strengthening quality management. At present, we established a sales and service network around the country, and have many product lines of our own.

                Our company successfully developed a series of products which widely used in medicine, health, beauty, gifts, electronics and other industries. depending on our excellent quality and low price, especialy high quality of service, our company win the market, our products are exported to the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia.

                Our companies adhere to the the quality of "superior design, excellent quality, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" , and the business philosophy of "integrity, pragmatic, efficient" approach to quality, our responsibility of "to create high-quality products to benefit human health". In the future, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm. We will seize the opportunity to constantly improve themselves and strive for the cause of human health!

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